Shipping Time

Average shipping time will normally take between 2-3 weeks. In times of high demand (holidays) it may be slightly longer. We apologize in advance for the long shipping times, but this is necessary in order to deliver you the cheapest shipping prices possible (normally we offer free shipping). This is also due to the fact we import our products from multiple global suppliers. 


Your products may not all arrive at once; however, please don't be worried! This is also due to the fact that we use multiple suppliers and aim to bring you cheap or free shipping. Upon request, we will provide your tracking number and you can track it through the link here.


As for returns, we will accept undamaged clothes in their original packaging within 30 days. You can return and exchange it for something new, or you can return and get a full refund. Our support staff will always be ready to answer any additional questions you may have through the "Contact Us" page. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!