Our Story

The Foundation:

The idea to found Takeoff Trainers started in July of 2016 by a small group of fitness-obsessed college students. Not having much money, it was hard for us to find quality and affordable workout clothes that would also look fashionable to wear casually. It seemed everywhere we looked, all of the high quality brands were overpriced... but all of the clothes in our price range were either of low quality or were not visually appealing. At that point, we had a vision - we wanted to bridge that gap between price, quality, and design.

The Creation:

After around six months of planning and preparation, Takeoff Trainers launched in January of 2018. We successfully implemented a collection of quality, visually appealing, AND affordable fitness apparel. Although we specialize in women's leggings, we have brought in all different types of workout clothing for both men and women. We've had a great turnout so far and our brand has grown much faster than we had planned for. Our goal is to further build our community and to continue to bring exceptional fitness and workout apparel to our customers. Although our brand is young, we're excited moving forward and can't wait for our customers to grow with us! Follow us on Instagram to experience our journey with us: @takeofftrainers